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About Us

Doug Bryan started Contractor Buyout because he wanted to make it easier for construction business owners to retire when they were ready. He had been selling machines in his dealership, Bryan Heavy Equipment, for a few years and realized he could also help owners of construction companies who were ready to sell their assets and retire or move on to their next venture by purchasing their assets in one transaction.


What Sets Us Apart

With over 30 years of experience in the equipment industry, Bryan understands the best strategies for selling heavy machines quickly. In addition to his contractor buyout business, Bryan hosts auctions for equipment through his company Bryan Auction.

What We Offer

Once you’ve built something great, you deserve to transition easily out of your business. Our goal is to help with that transition, so you receive fair value for your assets and the sale is completed as quickly as possible. That’s why we give you one lump sum, with no auctions to wait for and no lengthy arrangements to sell your assets one at a time. We have been in your position, so we’re the right people to help you through this process of selling your construction company.

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